The 2-Minute Rule for תגיש לי

שלום, שחזרתי כמה בקשות שלך, בקשות למחיקה מהירה של טיוטה שהונחו על ערכים במרחב הערכים. תוכלי להסביר את הבקשה?

לא, אני חושב שהפעלת את הצ'קטי והבוט החלפות שינה את זה. מסומן אצלי בדף באדום, כך שאם אפעיל את הצ'קטי הוא מייד ישנה את זה.

You might have much more than a dozen good reasons to choose a reverse phone research corporation. You might want to determine the supply of the research trademark on the web in India calls that ate bothering you at odd several hours. You may want to discover if your husband or wife is dishonest on you.

In the event you created this file, please note that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion won't always suggest that we do not worth your sort contribution. It just implies that a single human being thinks that there's some precise problem with it, such as a copyright issue.

Take note that any unsourced and untagged photographs will be deleted just one week after they have already been uploaded, as explained on criteria for fast deletion.

הסרג'נט קרא למר רייכסמן ושאל אותו ישירות אם יש כאן רוויזיוניסטים?

Wikimedia Commons can take copyright violations pretty seriously and persistent violators will be blocked from modifying.

i am also a lawyer and photographer..coming to israel to choose photographs and seek out a household "golden e-book" that is supposedly close to 1000 decades aged..and brought to isreal by my grandmother inside the 70's .

הסיפורים על  ההפגנה ועל המכות שהכו בבריטים הילכו שנים רבות בבית.

We determine these styles by considering the action of many Internet end users all over the world,

a. US does have liberty of panorama - see write-up here - however not applicable to this argument as the freedom of panorama from the US applies to "architectural performs, never to other functions of Visible artwork, including statues or sculptures" - as into the Shagal picture - it can be an architectural aspect of the creating performed by an americal artist - does he is secured by US law which allowes independence of panorama.

For those who established this file, please note that the fact that it's been proposed for deletion would not essentially mean that we do not value your kind contribution. It merely implies that just one human being believes that there's some specific problem with it, for instance a copyright issue.

cc-by-sa-all to launch it beneath the multilicense GFDL furthermore Innovative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike All-Model license or PD-self to release it into the public area. See Commons:Copyright tags for the complete list of copyright tags which you can use.

For those who made this file, you should Notice that click here the fact that it's been proposed for deletion won't always mean that we don't price your type contribution. It merely means that just one particular person believes that there's some distinct difficulty with it, such as a copyright challenge.

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